Jun 9, 2017

Lessons Learned Part 22

We learn and adapt our behavior in the small things we do and notice every day. In 2017, I'm keeping track of these tiny lessons and adaptations in my life.

Slow and Steady Progress Is OK
One of my goals for 2017 is to run a 5k. I have never been a runner, and every time I try to run regularly I end up with aches and pains and stop fairly quickly. This year, I have (very, very) slowly added running to my walking and this week I ran a full mile. That I ran a mile is not impressive, but that I was able to work up to it without injury sure is. 

Not Having the Answers is OK
This week I listened to several heated conversations among progressive friends about the line where one moves from open-minded and accepting of everyone for where they are to becoming close-minded and almost rounding the bend to conservatism again. I don't have the answer, but I have the question and a nagging gut feeling that it's a problem when we want to kick gay cops out of the pride parade and Star of David pride flags out of pride marches. 

Showing Up Is the First Step
This week I went to a community pot luck for my neighborhood and introduced myself to several people whose names I've seen on listservs for years. I offered to step up and get involved and it felt good. I always want to do this sort of thing but somehow talk myself out of showing up when I don't know anyone who will be there. Glad I made it over this hump this week. 

Talk With Inspiring People as Often as Possible
I had a meeting with an inspiring human this week who is working on a gargantuan idea for making social good action accessible to the whole globe and it was just awesome. It's amazing how much just a simple conversation can be a spark to new ideas and a renewed sense of purpose. 

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