May 12, 2017

Lessons Learned Part 18

We learn and adapt our behavior in the small things we do and notice every day. In 2017, I'm keeping track of these tiny lessons and adaptations in my life. 

Having a Good Network is Everything
This week I had the honor of being interviewed about a new social good project and about a resilience and data project for NetHope. I also found a job description I really liked and was able to make some connections with the hiring managers because of my network. I love when I feel like I've built a fabric of connectedness I can walk on with all the support I need. I wish this feeling for everyone. 

How to Own My Self-Care
My office has a very nice gym in the basement, and before the 2 year old I would go there most every day after work. This week I returned for 1 day, and I went at about 2pm during a time I didn't have meetings. Somehow I saw every person I know and work with on my walks to and fro the gym. I felt ashamed and embarrassed because I figured they were all thinking that I was taking precious work time for myself. I was. Then, I thought, this should be the norm. To have a healthy, prevention focused workforce is to have a cheaper workforce, so we should all be encouraged to hit the gym when we have a moment. 

Living with Sickness
I have been sick with flu like symptoms basically since my foster son moved in and started daycare. This week I had a particularly painful bout with fever and sore throat, but since this is happening about once/week I have to just push forward and live and work through it. It makes parenting much more exhausting but I think I've been faking it well. 

Make Time for Yourself
For the first time since I became a foster parent, I hired a babysitter and went to a concert with some friends. I worried about doing this so much, but everything went well and I realized that if I continue to be a foster parent during the years to come, I will be able to lean on support to also continue to take care of myself. 

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