May 5, 2017

Lessons Learned Part 17

We learn and adapt our behavior in the small things we do and notice every day. In 2017, I'm keeping track of these tiny lessons and adaptations in my life. 

Always Welcome Guests
I love guests in my home. Surprise guests are more stressful for me because I really like to make sure everything is clean and ready and I have something to offer. This week my foster son's daycare teacher hopped in his social worker's van and came home with him and ended up hanging out in my house for a while. I've gotten used to a parade of people in my home because ... foster care ... but this threw me! I am happy I was able to welcome her in and hopefully make her feel comfortable. 

Have Some Strategic Patience
I had the pleasure of seeing a friend and former colleague this week who informed me that my former boss still carries around my white paper ideas and is beginning to implement some of them, a full 1.5 years after I left. I guess this is flattering and am happy there is some value in them, even if I'm long gone. 

Leave the Door Open for Blasts from the Past
I connected with 2 people I last worked with in 2007 this week. How funny to revisit that time in my life twice in one week. I was happy to hear from and offer counsel to both.

Enjoy My Birthday Moment
I had a birthday this week. I secretly usually have a bunch of expectations for fun on this day, even when my brain tells its emotional parts not to, but this year I was just excited to have my foster son home from his weekend with relatives and to have friends willing to come over for some carryout thai food to share after bedtime. It was probably one of my happier birthdays in years. 

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