Apr 28, 2017

Lessons Learned Part 16

We learn and adapt our behavior in the small things we do and notice every day. In 2017, I'm keeping track of these tiny lessons and adaptations in my life. 

Waiting Can Pay Off
I bought my first home in late 2012. During my search, I thought for sure I'd be living in an area called Mount Rainier just outside DC, so I put myself on the wait list for the local coop pool. This week in 2017, I finally emerged at the top of the wait list and was invited to join.

Eat the Whole Thing? 
This week marked my foster son's 2nd birthday. I got cupcakes for him and when I handed him one, I didn't think about removing the paper around it first. He ate it paper and all! I tried to take it from him and convince him it wasn't for eating, but he did not believe me. He didn't suffer any digestive complications, thank goodness.

Think About What You're Doing
I changed a poopy diaper today just before bath time and in the chaos I forgot to put the poopy diaper in the genie before getting the 2 year old into the bath. Big mistake. Huge. The dog came up and had her most ideal dessert.

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