Mar 10, 2017

Lessons Learned Part 10

We learn and adapt our behavior in the small things we do and notice every day. In 2017, I'm keeping track of these tiny lessons and adaptations in my life. 

Read the freaking details
It's tax time and I had a potential penalty for paying too much into my Roth IRA (a good problem to have, I suppose). It took all of my willpower and concentration to read the fine print about how to handle the excess contribution, but I did it, checked my work with a family friend, and ta da. 

Don't Let Setbacks Stop You Completely
My work project took a pretty major blow this week, so I let myself feel upset about it for a couple of hours and then started asking around and brainstorming what we could do to keep it alive in a different form. I was greeted warmly by many stakeholders who all want to see the project succeed and thrive. 

Always Be Learning
My wonderful colleagues generously taught me more about how to conduct a growth mindset workshop and other exercises in preparation for our big Nonprofit Technology Conference Design Thinking session. I love learning from them. 

Relationships Take Work
I have been much more proactive so far this year in connecting with friends in person. This week I had an event every single night with different groups of friends, which can really wear out an introvert like me, but when I look back they were all full of wonderfully fulfilling conversations and laughs and I'm so glad I made the effort. 

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