Jan 27, 2017

Community Involvement Part 2

I've been thinking a bunch about what the average person can do to participate in creating a more perfect community. In my Daily Questions, I ask myself a yes/no question about whether I contributed to my community, but it occurs to me that more information about what I count as a yes might be helpful to inform myself and others about ways we all might contribute more easily.  I have a pretty low bar on a daily basis, but am optimistic that over time these micro actions make a difference. 

Marched in the Jan 21 Women's March in DC. I didn't do it as an anti-Trump statement. I did it as a pro-equality statement. (1/21/17)

Asked friends with chess sets to let 826DC borrow them for a workshop. (1/23/17)

Volunteered to serve on the Atlas Corps Selection Board, which means I'll get to interview incoming Atlas Corps Fellows. (1/23/17)

Asked that my neighborhood commission meetings host a conference call line so constituents can listen when they can't attend in person. (1/23/17)

Took the WMATA budget survey. (1/25/17)

Offered feedback to a group optimizing a voter information tool. (1/26/17)

Offered input on priorities for Chesapeake Bay Foundation (1/27/17)

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