Jan 18, 2017

Community Involvement Part 1

I've been thinking a bunch about what the average person can do to participate in creating a more perfect community. In my Daily Questions, I ask myself a yes/no question about whether I contributed to my community, but it occurs to me that more information about what I count as a yes might be helpful to inform myself and others about ways we all might contribute more easily.  I have a pretty low bar on a daily basis, but am optimistic that over time these small actions make a difference. 

Signed up to be a mentor to a Northeastern University co-op student.

Engaged in the neighborhood listserv conversation to advocate for a dog park.

Made recommendations to fellow NTEN Membership committee regarding branding, subscription services, member recognition.

Brought my neighbor who just started chemo a little treat.

Asked  city council member Brandon Todd and ANC Commissioner Scot Knickerbocker to be part of a task force evaluating whether/how to bring public wifi to Ward 4 in DC.

Became a "patron" of one of my favorite artists by pledging to send him $2/month.

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