Jun 18, 2016

Alligator Attacks in Florida from 1970s to now

I grew up in Stuart, FL. I learned to water ski in the St. Lucie River, and I know that river better than I know how to use social media in disasters.

I've never looked at a single body of water without figuring it has an alligator in it, but realize now that's a byproduct of the location of my upbringing. I don't assume I will be attacked, but I respect the possibility and stay aware.

I mapped where and when alligator attacks happen, based on this wikipedia list and this Orlando Sentinel article:

Here's the breakdown of the time of year alligator attacks happen:

Quick side story. My family and I were lucky in July 2011 to attend the final shuttle launch STS-135 Atlantis at Cape Canaveral. My cousin's little boy had fun learning to say, "3,2,1 ... blastoff!" We cheered and hollered while witnessing this historic event in real life. As we walked back to our car when it was over, there was an alligator chillin' in the parking lot. I don't think the little boy remembers the shuttle launch at all, and he reports that the exciting thing that happened that day was seeing an alligator by the car!

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