Dec 31, 2013

Music Making Me Smile in 2013

After a years long break in paying any attention whatsoever to new music, I spent many hours of 2013 with headphones on, Spotify streaming. Here are the albums that made me smile.

Jason Isbell Southeastern
My personal favorite of the year. Lands right in my alt-country sweet spot with masterful turns of musical and lyrical phrase. Love it and can't wait to see him live in January at 9:30 Club. Spotify

American Kid
I probably listened to Ohio more than any other song this year. Spotify 

Modern Vampires Of The City
Diane Young always upsets the elliptical program, because my heartrate gets out of the "cardio" area and into the "undefined but you'll probably die soon" area. Spotify

Post punk catchiness. Spotify

Complete My Album: Get Born Sinner for Special Price
Finally starting to get this whole hip hop thing. Spotify

The jangly pop is enjoyable Spotify

My main man having fun. Spotify

I don't even know where I found this one, but I do smile every time one of these songs afro pops up on shuffle. Spotify

My friend Travis calls this Orbisonesque Latin-influenced cowboy dancehall music. Spotify

Our modern Bob Dylan? Spotify

Pitchfork certainly isn't impressed, but I like it. Spotify

First saw them on SNL. Spotify

The first time I've gotten these guys. Spotify

Sucker for baroque, sucker for Punch Brothers. Spotify

Kenyan power punch! Spotify

Soothing Americana. Spotify

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