Aug 13, 2007

Dewey Camp and a Thermostat

Dewey Beach sandcastle

I'm spending my weekends this summer in Dewey Beach, Delaware.

It's the true story of 16 strangers (in their 30s) who chose to pay money to live in a 4 bedroom house, listen to loud snoring, and see Kristen and the Noise a thousand times, to find out what happens when people stop having privacy and start going to Dewey Camp.

I'm out of my element, but it's good TV and gives me freckles.


Since these are the dog days, let's check the Thermostat. Frankel's Thermostat.

MP3 >> Thermostat


playfulinnc said...

Wow. I want to hear more about this!

john beck said...

I didn't have your email address so I thought I'd post a comment here.

Hey Wendy,

Two pieces of information I thought you might be interested in:

1) EM's YBTDOUA,H will finally be coming out. CD release show is 11/30 & 12/1. We're not charging for the album and aside from coming to the CD release show it will only be available electronically. Everyone who comes to the show will get a pressed copy of the album for free with one of a kind artwork done by Jesse on each one. It's going to be awesome.
So we're going to make it free forever and we'll be trying to do a big blog push with it. We're hoping to follow it up with an EP in March or April.

2) I've also joined a new band that I think you'd like. We're called the soft drugs. It's TW Walsh formerly of Pedro the Lion and you can download the stuff for free at

That's the report from Boston, hope all is well in DC.

J Gott said...


We (GOOD Mag) are having a bang-out party in DC in 2 weeks and we wanted to invite you to come out and join us!

The info's up on the website, but, here's a vid of our last party in SF :

We'd love it if you could give the event a little love on Information Leafblower, but most importantly, we hope to see you out there!



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