Jul 30, 2007

Coincidence or vast circular rotor blade conspiracy?

Helicopter controls The helicopter

I'm just suggesting that if you're lucky enough not to be on the first one going down, wait at least 4 days before getting into a chopper yourself...

  • This morning a Dallas news chopper made a fiery "emergency landing" just 3 days after 2 Arizona news and traffic helicopters collided in mid-air resulting in a fiery and deadly crash.

  • Back in March, a Heli-USA tour helicopter crashed, killing 4. Three days later, another tour helicopter proved unable to stay in the air and 1 person died.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Surely this is down to either pilot error or traffic control, whats next tangled in rotary washing lines, surley something is wrong, could these pilots not see each other, they have all roud vision, they have radar, they have a news crew looking all round for news, how can two choppers hit each other madness I say madness.