Jun 11, 2007

What I did on my San Franciscan vacation

SFMapDay1 SFMapDay2 SFMapDay3

how to walk more than a marathon without really noticing.

In 15 easy steps!

1. On the first day, only walk a few miles. Get the tourist-y stuff out of the way.

2. Get on a sailboat in the bay! Even if it's freezing (that makes a more thrilling ride).

Sea Lions on Pier 39 The big lean Privateer Ho! Port of San Francisco

3. Definitely find sustenance while you're walking. Chinatown is a good place to do it.

4. When you're a little tired on day 1, hop aboard a cable car and blind your driver with a flash.

Cable Car operator Upstairs at the Floating Sushi Dragon Gate Floating Sushi Boat!

5. Go to The Mission for the Carnaval parade (and taquerias).

New? Yum Carnaval Parade Carnaval Parade

6. While you're there, check out Mission Delores and some murals.

7. Head to The Castro (always good to have a destination).

Mission Delores Mission District Mural Castro Theater The Castro Flag

8. From the Castro, walk up to Haight St and continue until you're at Ashbury. Peace out.

Haight & Ashbury

9. Then decide you'll walk all the way to the ocean through Golden Gate Park.

10. Since your feet hurt now, stop in the Japanese Tea Garden to pick up much-needed zen.

Golden Gate Park Japanese Tea Garden Japanese Tea Garden Japanese Tea Garden

11. Hardly notice those calve-wrenching hills by concentrating on the view!

Lincoln Park Trespassing View Golden Gate Bridge Fort Point

12. Let Pat & Charlie breathe a bit.


13. Go to famous watering holes!

Vesuvio Tosca - can't quite focus... Sentinel Building - Coppola's City Lights Bookstore

14. Hit Chinatown for dessert.

Chinatown Lights Chinatown Bakery Chinatown Bakery

15. Take the crookedest roads, the steepest roads, and the scenic stairways on day 3. It'll be clearer weather by now so you can really enjoy the sun while you sweat and your quads scream for mercy.

Golden Gate Bridge Alcatraz from Hyde Street Crookedest Street Ina Coolbrith Park


Seth said...

do they have segway tours there?

wharman said...

I didn't see any, but then again I wasn't on any regularly-travelled path. I almost cried when I realized I might die while trying to find my way out of those RICH Sea Cliffs neighborhoods.

A Seg in the City would have helped IMMENSELY.