Jun 29, 2007

Weak and Easy, Tiger

The image “http://assets4.pitchforkmedia.com/images/image/32449.easytiger.jpg?” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.i am so weak.

Faced with at least a 3 hour drive from DC to Dewey this afternoon, the thought of not having Easy Tiger to accompany me really started tapping my shoulder for attention.

Despite having a $50 iTunes gift certificate at home, I just pressed "buy." Staples is wrong, that monster the real easy button.

http://www.staples.com/sbd/img/cat/std/s0105150_std.jpgOn first listen, I'm finding it more pleasing and agreeable to my sensibilities than his last 5 releases. This is my Ryan.

I want to point out the easygoing bluegrass tune Pearls on a String. It might not get the most attention of the bunch but you can bet I'll play this one as I cross over the Bay Bridge.


Bee said...

Hey! I love your blog, very good choice in music. I wanted to suggest two bands for your listening pleasure - Junior League and Evan Bliss & the Welchers. They both just released albums and you should check out samples at their myspace pages. So - I wanted to get our latest releases in your hands so you can hopefully write a review. If you are so moved. Evan Bliss is the former front man of The Low Life.
The Welchers just had the CD release June 30th at Recher Theatre in Towson and are playing the Red and Black tonight. Come check 'em out.

Thanks and Rawk!

Holster Records


Liz said...

iTunes is like crack... 99 cents a hit.

Michael said...

Wendy: I read the title here and thought you were referencing Tiger Woods' win this past weekend in the PGA Championship -- though admittedly, the title really doesn't make any sense if that's the case.

I saw Ryan Adams years ago here in Boston and it had to be one of the more bizarro performances ever. It involved a dimly lit stage with living room furniture, an old school record player with Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' on 45, and copious amounts of red wine (on RA's part not mine.) It was a pretty lousy effort. Hopefully, his most recent cd doesn't bring to mind my whacked-out, merlot-drinking neighbors at 12 Justin Road as the Orpheum concert did.

A random parallel note: that infamous apartment in Oak Sq was home to a life-sized poster of former Red Sox right fielder Dwight (Dewey) Evans. Don't know what the decor's like at the beach house, but I'm sure he'd fit right in.

Hope you're well,

My Gift Cards Online said...

@Liz: says who?