Jun 17, 2007

My Life on the J List

We're all familiar with the Kathy Griffin bit about being on the D List, right?

She's a big fan of saying things like,

"This is not how Reese Witherspoon spent her day."

Well, I can assure you this is not how Kathy Griffin spent her day.

I think I can outdo her status by 6 letters. Maybe more.

  • I had to take my 14 year old car to the dealership because only they have the secret code to get me back my Hot 95.5.

  • We pulled into the lot, my car and I, feeling intimidated, rusty, dirty, and dented in the bright light of all the new cars.

  • We parked right in the middle of them and tried to blend in. At 2pm on a Saturday this ensured us prompt service. I don't think they wanted us to stick around too long.

  • We survived this forced bout of insecurity so I though we deserved a treat.

  • I drove straight to the car wash and picked out option #3. As I gathered my CD's and tissue box, the man knocked on my window and said,
    "I'm sorry, your car is too dirty for the car wash. You pay more."
What do you do after that but head home and have a little Juice in June?

Looking forward:

Kris Delmhorst plays The Birchmere Sunday, June 24.

MP3 >> Juice in June

MP3 >> Little Wings


100 years of trash said...

i had a dry cleaner, once tell me my clothes were "too dirty." your story makes dc cabs semm pretty cheap.

Phil said...

Or like telling an overweight person they must purchase two seats on an airliner....

Anonymous said...

I love Scotch in June! I'll never forget it. Time of my life!!
"Goodbye My Lover" (James Blunt) Always thinking of you.