Jun 7, 2007

Don't cry because you missed it. New Socalled tracks right here

This space is no DC9, but you can listen to a couple of tracks from his June 12 release Ghettoblaster on JDub Records right here.

MP3 >> These Are The Good Old Days

MP3 >> You Are Never Alone

A fan of Matisyahu? You'll probably like Socalled.

For his second album, Ghettoblaster reaches back into the past and mines many varying influences rich with context. The entire album is an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary influences, evoking a sound reminiscent of the past while engaging listeners of all types. "Let's Get Wet" fuses a Klezmer feel with minimal hip-hop instrumentation, while "You Are Never Alone" relays a soulful hip-hop template enriched with SoCalled's unique creative flourishes that encompass a lifetime of Jewish and hip-hop influences.

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