May 23, 2007

That Necktie's Wearing You

First, a good, free and legal song for you to enjoy by Chapel Hill, NC band Schooner:


MP3 >> They Always Do

Second, a life recipe:
Ever wanted a weekend that resembled the perfect mashup of Dirty Dancing and Steel Magnolia's?

Here's how you can tell:


  1. Get invited to your 2nd cousin's wedding in Sewanee, TN
  2. Stay in a Jim Oliver's Smokehouse cabin
  3. Be sure to check in the day he checks out
  4. Carry the watermelonEnjoy the bowties, seersucker suits, and southern accents with a glass of fruit tea

Fruit TeaJim Oliver's SmokehouseThe Flower GirlThe bridesmaidsUniversity of the South

All the photos

*Diagram inspired by Toothpaste for Dinner's Panflute


100 years of trash said...

and Sewanee, TN pops up againg this week.

wharman said...

It's a beautiful mountain! I love the Mountain Works art gallery. Kind of want to live in there.