Apr 22, 2007

Painting and Ray's Vast Basement

The rumors are widespread. I'm at it again and now I mean business.


I'm a painter. I scribble colorful kindergarten-looking pics in the comfort of my bedroom but I also paint the interior walls of many friends' homes. 7 down and counting.. I'm most proud of my brother's suede room:
Suede Paint Cans Finished Suede Room Ladder in Light

I forgot to take photos of my latest, a Columbia Heights condo on the same block as last night's murder, but it turned out beautifully. The owner picked out poppin' colors, and she allowed me to listen to my music as I stared down the wall.

I love how well I sleep at night after a day of painting; how my feeble muscles ache. I feel like I earned my keep in a way that a desk job can't touch.

I've been thinking seriously about taking on some weekend jobs for people I don't already know...

Extra cash and a satisfying feeling of accomplishment couldn't be a bad thing...

Speaking of painting, check out Ray's Vast Basement's website. Go ahead and do it now. I'll wait. Pretty awesome, right? Their music is also excellent. A new album, Starvation Under Orange, will be released July 3.

Legal MP3's

California's Gone ::: mp3
How Through Sacrifice ::: mp3

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wharman said...

thank you for teaching me...