Apr 1, 2007

Great Scott! EZ Fantasy Baseball

Armed with zero knowledge about major league baseball players (I'm a die-hard BoSox fan, but otherwise I can't tell a Corey Hart from a Kenny Rogers), I've been roped into a fantasy league.

What a dilemma! How to choose my players?

Why, think like the IRS and go the EZ surname route of course. Research smeesearch, we are all islands in the stream, wearing our sunglasses at night. To combat these tough times, let's keep the game familial and get a lot of guys named Scott to pitch.

My fantasy team:

Manny Ramirez LF BOS
Hanley Ramirez SS FLA
Aramis Ramirez 3B CHC
Horacio Ramirez SP SEA
Elizardo Ramirez SP CIN

Alex Gonzalez SS CIN
Mike Gonzalez RP ATL
Edgar Gonzalez SP ARI
Enrique Gonzalez SP ARI
Adrian Gonzalez 1B SD
Luis Gonzalez LF LA

Francisco Rogriguez RP ANA
Wandy Rodriguez SP HOU
Ivan Rodriguez C DET
Alex Rodriguez 3B NYY

Duaner Sanchez RP NYM
Jonathan Sanchez RP SF
Alex Sanchez OF FLA
Freddy Sanchez 3B PIT
Anibal Sanchez SP FLA

Feliz Hernandez SP SEA
Livan Hernandez SP ARI
Ramon Hernandez C BAL
Orlando Hernandez SP NYM

Felipe Lopez SS WAS
Jose Lopez 2B SEA
Rodrigo Lopez SP COL
Javy Lopez C COL

Victor Martinez C CLE
Pedro Martinez SP NYM

Endy Chavez RF NYM
Eric Chavez 3B OAK

Scott Proctor
Scott Kazmir
Scott Olsen
Scot Shields
Scott Linebrink
Scott Baker

Happy April Fools' Day

1 comment:

Marci said...

I really, really, really wish that is what you drafted. Hilarious!