Mar 14, 2007

The Shins @ DAR

Monday's Shins show marked the first time I had an assigned seat for a concert in the new millenium. I didn't realize it before now, but I suppose I just prefer to blow out my hearing using smaller venues.

Despite this trend, reserved seating boasts at least a couple of checks in the pro column for old biddies like me:
  • 1. We can easily avoid Bob Uecker syndrome (God I loved Major League and Mr. Belvedere) without arriving insanely early to compete with whippersnappers. This perk leaves plenty of time to enjoy tapas and sangria at Taberna del Alabardero (a surprisingly inexpensive MUST - yum yum yum delicioso!).
  • 2. We can sit down for the show, saving all the usual concert bunion pain.

By the way, I give the actual show a thumbs up. Those tibia rockers really give the Japanese word for new a good name.

DCist, Candy Sandwich, Douglas Nelson, and Washington City Paper, have posted their takes as well.


Doug said...

It's just Doug, actually (legally, for real. My parents didn't know Doug was short for Douglas). But enough about that. What did you think about the opening band? I was pretty bored during a couple of their solos.

I have to say that despite their new mellow audience and lukewarm recent release, the Shins really surprised me with rockin' onstage presence. The lead guitar/bassist with the dark hair is my new rocknroll hero.

wharman said...

Sorry Doug. Don't know why my feeble brain added a las to you. I didn't think much about the opening band because I missed them. Yes, the Shins filled up that big hall with rockin sound, which is a bigger deal than they're given credit for. They skipped about 3 levels of venue size and are still holding their own.

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