Mar 21, 2007

Post #1001

In a moment of indulgence (is there any other kind in the blogosphere?), this is a small retrospective of the blathering I've done here 1000 times.

I started this blog in November 2003, back when I was an artist manager. I thought it would be a good way to push content about the bands I was representing (thus the silly name) but it's come to mean much more to me. The only thing I've made a longer commitment to is my car (we've been hanging for 14 years).

I've now happily moved on from the biz (and enjoy just being a fan these days) but my little space on the internerds has inexplicably remained. More than that, it was instrumental in securing my latest professional endeavor. For this I am eternally grateful to Harmany Music because I'm having a blast doing my job and feel hopelessly lucky.

You, dear readers, seem to most enjoy the nonsense about:
Orphan Works
How To Catch a Lobster
Singing Lollipops
Shadrach, Meshack, and Abendigo
The EverybodyFields
Weird Architecture
Shooting roosters and killing hens

Thanks for reading - it's good for my self-confidence. Carry on now and watch out for the tickle stick. I'll be right here.


Phil said...

That is an awful long time. Congrats on 1,000.

Any Given Tuesday said...

And 14 years with a car? That's awesome!

100 years of trash said...

cheers to you.

dwh said...

1000 posts and 14 years with "snookers" are both amazing. You aren't quitting the posts now are you? I would miss you!

wharman said...

I am not a quitter, just having an unusually busy week and an unusually slow internet connection at home. Anyone else having major slowness from Verizon DSL this week?

Thanks everybody!