Mar 6, 2007

Extreme Cheesiness Followed By Sheer Terror

I don't even like to fly in airplanes, but following a conference in Las Vegas this coming Friday, I'll board a bus bound for the West edge of the Grand Canyon. I'll take a sunset horseback ride, eat a chuck-wagon style meal, sing campfire songs and then bunk up in a teepee for the night (extreme cheesiness included here). The next morning, I'll hop into a chopper and scream bloody murder as we - and by we I mean me and whatever other strangers have signed up for this torture - fly inside that enormous crater (sheer terror). God willing, they'll return me to the strip just in time to get on a regular ole aeroplane back home.

I'm hoping to leave with some amusing photos and my life.

Let's celebrate this victory over fears with an appropriately titled new song, shall we?

MP3 >> My Own Good

Artist: Louis
Album: Freak Show Revenge from Superphonic Records


Washington Cube said...

You also need to listen to, "Fear is a Man's Best Friend," by John Cale:

wharman said...

Thanks, Cube! Excellent suggestion.