Mar 5, 2007

The Everybody Fields @ IOTA tonight

The Everybody Fields' sound is deeply rooted in americana, bluegrass, classic country, and summertime, but the musicians themselves are young people from Johnson City, TN.

Having heard the good news about them from friends in Boston, Gina B. and I made a trip to Delaplane, VA last May to see what all the fuss is about. They exceeded my expectations for pleasing-to-the-ear songs and witty banter; the down-home feeling bolstered by abundant fresh strawberries and bales of hay for seating.

Tonight, you'll not have these amenities on hand (unless Stephen @ IOTA is getting creative as I type), but the talent for tunes should be enough to make you hopeful for spring on this Monday night.

Listen to the songs here.

The who, what and when:
The EverybodyFields @ IOTA
8:30 pm
opening for: Athens' Modern Skirts

The EverybodyFields were 1000% more impressive in the dim light of IOTA than at the strawberry festival. I enjoyed them more than enough initially to see a follow-up show, and now I'm what you'd call a full-fledged fan. Of course, last night they had cousin Frank on hand to boost the fiddling section and I strongly recommend they stick him in the van. The man is a virtuoso considering he'd never heard some of the tunes he chimed in on. He stomped on Sam's dry banter a bit, but his musical contribution far outweighed this minor annoyance.

I could listen to Sam Quinn and Jill Andrews harmonize for every second of the rest of my life. It is so ... pleasing. The EPK is right - they are too young to be making music this timeless. The band has a restrained rocknroll edge with an acoustified stage presence. Well, I don't know the exact ingredients, but this secret recipe is definitely finger-lickin good (Tennessee Fried Music?).

After the show, I asked Jill when the next album would be released, and she ventured a "June or July." In the meantime, they're playing out nonstop. If you don't make an effort to experience them soon, you'll be tardy and probably get a "U" on your report card.

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