Feb 16, 2007

Last Train Home debuts "Last Good Kiss"

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Personal favorite band Last Train Home is hosting a 3-night CD release party tonight, tomorrow night, and Sunday afternoon at IOTA.

From lead singer Eric Brace:

The CD will be available on this site by Thursday Feb. 15. By the following week, you'll be able to get it at: Miles of Music, CD Baby, Village Records, Amazon, with more mail-order outlets to come. "Last Good Kiss" will also be on all the main download sites very soon as well.

We're so proud of this record. We had a great time making it at 16 Ton studios in Nashville, working with Mike Esser and Patrick Miller (our engineers on this). It's the first LTH record to feature our guitarist Steve Wedemeyer and keyboardist Jen Gunderman. Playing with each of them over the past year and a half has pushed us to new heights as a band, and we hope you'll agree.

If you're in the Washington DC area on Feb 16-17-18, please come by IOTA Club & Cafe for our big CD release shows. It'll be quite a party.

Here's what The Washington Post has to say about Last Good Kiss:

'LAST TRAIN HOME is based in Nashville these days, but the band travels so much it might seem that frontman Eric Brace would be hard-pressed to keep coming up with first-rate songs between tour stops. Apparently, that's not a problem. If anything, "Last Good Kiss," the quintet's new release, suggests that as far as the quality of Brace's songwriting is concerned, the more road work the better.

Consider the album's opening and title track. A rushing, Last Train express out of Nashville, where the disc was recorded, the song swiftly reveals Brace's knack for conveying hair-trigger emotions with just a few choice words. It's also a stirring showcase for the band's new lineup, featuring guitarist Steve Wedemeyer and keyboardist Jen Gunderman, formerly of the Jayhawks.

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