Feb 20, 2007

Help! Lots of the rock n roll around DC this week


Malajube, Snowden, Vita Ruins at the Rock n Roll Hotel.
I've been meaning to see Snowden for a long time, as recommended by a favorite Atlanta blogger, KissAtlanta.


The Fed @ DC9
More info and mp3 here. Go have some fun with DC public schoolteachers!

Chin Up Chin Up, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin @ Black Cat
Why? Because Brad recommends the former while the latter is MySpace friends with Harry and the Potters, automatically making them winners.


Middle Distance Runner @ 9:30 Club
7 contacts makes a sale! Congratulations to MDR on their 9:30 debut.


Lifecycle of an american rock and roll band said...

Hey, Wharman! Hope you can make it to the show (with or without the Ice Skates) Just wanted to let you know that the fed is playing DC9 on Thursday instead of Tuesday.

wharman said...

Jeez, I'm sorry for getting that wrong The Fed! With the warming trend, there won't be a need for ice skating at all, I hope.

Lifecycle of an american rock and roll band said...

You could still bring the skate to show them off!

Dumbek said...

Crap. I forgot all about the Snowden gig. I saw them a while back and was quite impressed.

MDR/Dance Party is a must see!

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