Feb 3, 2007

Email Art

A while back BoingBoing linked to Jenny Chowdhury's work:
"My latest project is about email preservation/elevation. I basically wanted to save some wacky emails that my mom sent, so I presented them as 24" x 30" paintings."

I'm not gonna paint, but I am gonna piggyback. After all, my mama does write funny email. Here's a sampling just from the 2007:

I am going to Manny's memorial service in the morning. She is having it
in the Atrium of the condo.
Good luck with your disaster.

I picked up the dogs at Rick's house this afternoon on my way home. He
had to work today so didn't get to see him. they said they had fun there.
better get unpacked.
Love you,

Rick came over yesterday and drug my tree out for me. I made it naked
last weekend but couldn't pull it out.
Better get going - Have to be at the Lyric at 6:00.
Love you,

I went to a play at the Lyric last night. It was an original musical. It was excellent. It was the first time it had been performed. It is called the Riverhaven Book Club. It only had 6 actors all of whom could sing well which isn't always the case in local theater.
Have a fun evening.
Love yu, Mom


Cousin Mere said...

This is hilarious. I bet I know another person who writes this type of email!

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