Jan 12, 2007

Where my geeks at? A celebrity sighting: UPDATE

Reminder: Steve Irwin's final documentary, Ocean's Deadliest, including my "friend" Philippe Cousteau, will air January 21 @ 8:00 on Animal Planet! Right smack in the middle of the Pats v. Colts playoff game! Argh! Go Pats!

WaPo has a nice article about the event.

I recently called the DC blogerati geeky. I'm actually quite proud to consider myself among them, so want to show both my blogginess and geekiness simultaneously in this post. See below.

I grew up in Florida idolizing Jacques Cousteau. For my 7th grade science project, I experimented with improvements to his Magnus Effect Sail. Many of my many make-believe games were centered around being one of his scientists.

Fast forward to last Saturday night where I was attending a birthday party at Bedrock Billiards. One of the fellow invitees was, drumroll please, Philippe Cousteau, 27 year old grandson of Jacques! I nearly died and went to heaven.

We had a very nice evening of pool-playing and discussion about celebrity and ocean stuff. He was with Steve Irwin on the fatal stingray shoot, so he'll be on the Discovery Network a whole bunch in the coming week as they air the footage from the Ocean's Deadliest documentary.

After a couple of beers I had to literally bite my tongue to keep from discussing the Magnus Effect with him.


Barbara said...

WOW! I'm impressed. Is he following
in his grandfather's footsteps?

wharman said...

He seems to be. He runs a nonprofit environmental organization and I believe he has several shows in production for Animal Planet / Discovery.

Anonymous said...

oh please, i've talked to this guy on many occasions at random parties and he knows just as much about the environment as a garbage man...it's completely obvious that he's only in it for the "star" factor. he didn't even study marine biology or anything close to it in university...i think he told me he studied history. he's a phony. he's the George P. Bush of the environmental movement...pretty to look at but void of substance.