Jan 3, 2007

Lobster Surprise

The box they came in About to go in the pot Tasty tasty murder Lobster Lobster Dinner!
Tasty tasty murder.


100 years of trash said...

good god! i could hear the poor things screaming over here in columbia heights. we had to listen to the new york dolls really, really loud.

Barbara said...

Nothing better. I'm licking my fingers!

jeffro said...

cooked 'em up Mexican style?

wharman said...

100 Years of Trash - There wasn't any screaming. Honestly.

Barbara - you're right.

Jeffro - yes, the term was new to me as well. Evidently when your Mexican friends cook Maine lobsters and serve them with rice and beans in tortillas, it's Mexican style. It was delicious but felt a little wrong to dilute the lobster in carb goodness.

Phil said...

It's like a hottub for them, except they die.

Not a bad way to go.