Jan 25, 2007

Let the kids hear the music

If only we could move so fast when a kid is killed in an illegal war.

DC City Council Proposing Legislation to Ban All-Ages Clubs
Body: ***Please contact DC City Council Members TODAY -
forward to your DC friends***
(note: for DC residents and/or patrons of DC clubs)

Today, the DC City Council will hold a hearing on the proposal to
ban all DC clubs with liquor licenses from having all-ages shows. As active
members of DC's music community, we all know how important this music
community was and is to all of us - at any age - especially when we were

This is rushed and reactionary legislation in response to the killing of a
17-yr-old high school senior at Club 1919 this past weekend. While her death
is tragic and not to be overlooked, the solution is not banning youth from
clubs. Live music and venues are not the problem.

There are at least three things you can do to this effect:
1. Call/email Graham & the Council Chair Vincent Gray (who schedules votes)
to voice your opposition
2. Call/email Graham and his fellow committee members (in case the emergency
legislation gets knocked back to the committee for markup)
3. Call/email all Council members and tell them to vote against the upcoming
emergency legislation: http://www.dccouncil.washington.dc.us/contact.html

If you live in Ward 1, note that in your call/email to Graham (south of
Spring St NW, north of Florida Ave NW, east of Rock Creek Park and west of
North Capitol St).

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100 years of trash said...

nice work. this is why i read everyday. i'm sick and tired of graham and his nanny-state legislation. and, i still subscribe to the romantic notion that the kids need to rock.