Jan 18, 2007

I'm lazy but I offer dramatic music

Ari Picker, The Never's lead, is releasing a solo effort called Lost in the Trees. Someone (read: publicist) sent me a song and I found it interesting enough to share with you.

Tall Trees - mp3

Release: March 20, 2007 on Trekky Records

Background info:
Lost in the Trees
After fronting The b-Sides and The Never for years, Ari Picker is finally ready to reveal his solo work to the masses, under the moniker Lost in the Trees. A compilation of songs written over the last 7 years, the Lost in the Trees repertoire represents some of Picker’s most haunting and personal songwriting to date, coupled with his most elaborate and engaging orchestral arrangements. Picker’s time at Berklee College of Music in Boston has allowed his flair for classical music to flourish into an integrated aspect of his songwriting. The network of enthusiastic musicians at Berklee also allowed Picker to form a 9-piece backing orchestra for his compositions, evolving Lost in the Trees from a solo project to a fully active mini-orchestra including violins, viola, cello, upright bass, trombone, melodica and banjo. Picker’s love of cinematic scores is apparent on Time Taunts Me, but many of the songs are still based in good old fashioned songwriting. The synthesis of movie music and guitar-based folk songs creates an atmosphere in which Picker can be dramatic but not histrionic and straightforward but not boring. Just listen and you’ll see.

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