Jan 15, 2007

Dulseda, the Hispanic-inspired sweet milk liquor

Free Booze
Christmas gifts included:
--The all new Joy of Cooking 2006 Edition
-- Cool Cocktails

Armed with these 2 new items, I decided to host a New Year's Eve dinner party. I cooked up the Chicken Tetrazzini (although Joy of Cooking inexplicably calls it turkey tetrazzini) and tossed a caesar salad. My guests brought Prosciutto Bruschetta and a lovely fruit tart dessert.

The trouble? I wanted to make Rusty Nails, a scotch-whiskey based drink from my cocktail recipe gift, but didn't have any whiskey in the liquor cabinet. I felt a twinge of sadness at the passing of Comet, and headed up to Metro Liquors to the largely latino portion of Columbia Road for some whiskey. They were handing out free bottles of the new Dulseda!

I've only had a couple sips, but man is it the most delicious drink! Dulseda is a creamy liqueur inspired by the taste of the traditional Latin dulce de leche. From the company that makes it:
Hispanics already enjoy dulce de leche straight out of the jar, on bread, or as part of their favorite desserts. Now, with Dulseda, there is a totally new way to enjoy it. And given the increasing popularity of Hispanic flavors across a variety of consumer goods, Dulseda�s appeal will surely stretch beyond its Latin roots. Earlier, this year, Dulseda was awarded with a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in the liqueur category.

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