Jan 4, 2007

1 flux capacitor in pink, please

1 flux capacitor in pink, please

Photos from Christmas in Stuart, FL
Pink stuff Cleat Spigot Lizard

P.S. There's a certain Boston band's new album I feel so excited about that I can only bring myself to post random photos to keep from leaking it. Master the phenomenal thing already! You'll be the death of us all!


Barbara said...

Don't you just love those Florida lizards?

Marsha said...
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wharman said...

Barbara - I do! Not! I spent considerable time as a little girl chasing them and putting them to sleep by rubbing their bellies and making them lose their tails. Then I became quite reluctant to be around them and have refused to touch them for years. I think puberty did it.

Deleted comment: The pink is surprising, but that's the way it goes down there! The flux capacitor is attached to my mom's pink house so she can travel to whatever time she wants.