Dec 14, 2006

Weird DC Architecture?

HGTV show "What's With That House?" contacted me the other day because they wanted to know more about the fake White House in Atlanta I posted about just after Thanksgiving.

It turns out they're looking for more suggestions for any interesting homes in the Atlanta Georgia and surrounding areas. Anything painted different, interesting architecture, a house with a theme, etc. - something that stands out.

Not knowing of any others myself, I contacted Atlanta's Cable & Tweed blog for help. His readers came up with a bunch of suggestions, including a moated castle, some purple house, a flying saucer house, and this guy!

If HGTV comes to DC next, what would you suggest? There's the always buzzed about midgetville out in Vienna, but are there any other wonders of weird architecture around here?

Update: Thanks to Mike Grass @ The Express for the extra hits today.


True Believer said...

There is some house in Bethesda, around the corner from Western Market, that has been turned into a giant mushroom. It's crazy looking.

wharman said...

Yup! It's affectionately called the "Hobbit House."



wharman said...

And, there are a bunch of mushroom houses around the country:

Phil said...

I've been by that castle many times.

I'm thinking of invading.

Scenic Artisan said...

i saw a house with a chess board on the porch roof in anacostia.

a big chess board.

theres that cool round house in brookland.

and the coolest tiny victorian near 12th and maryland ne.