Dec 15, 2006's 4th Annual Bloggers' Favorite Books

Good friend and HeartburnFest founder Newley Purnell has rolled out the 4th annual Bloggers' Favorite Books survey. I feel lucky to be included in this esteemed list which also includes:

BoingBoing's Mark Frauenfelder recommending Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis;

#1 Hit Song's Dana recommending Visogoth, Happyland, Children's Hospital, and Under the Banner of Heaven;'s Jason Kottke recommending Charles Mann's 1491;

The Taipei Kid recommending What to Eat;

The World Is Not Flat's Lee LeFever recommending A Short History of Nearly Everything;

Time I'll Never Get Back recommending the Lou Gehrig biography Luckiest Man;

Newley himself went with Richard Ford's The Lay of the Land;

and I chose Benjamin Kunkel's Indecision and Jeff Chang's Can't Stop Won't Stop

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