Dec 20, 2006

Leaping into the 90's

I'm no Capital Weather, but if there was a temperature degree button on keyboards, I'd hit it at least once/day. I typed out 102 degrees and 18 degrees until today when I found this list (from 1999) that cracks the code for how to make all those symbols I always wanted. For example, 102°! and 18°!

Here's how:

HOLD the ALT key down and with the ALT key held down type 0176 on the number pad. DO NOT use the numbers on the top row of your keyboard, it must be on the numeric pad.

After typing 0176 release the ALT key and WHAM there's the °.

Here's the ASCII codes for the other symbols.

° ALT + 0176

™ ALT + 0153

¢ ALT + 0162

© ALT + 0169

® ALT + 0174

¼ ALT + 0188

½ ALT + 0189

¾ ALT + 0190


jeffro said...

I like!©

Anonymous said...

Amazing what you can do when you know the ASCII codes. Uncle Tom...

wharman said...

It is FUN™, isn't it?