Dec 27, 2006

The Great Luggage Caper

If you're a reader of my unbelievably interesting tales, you'll remember that I used to carry a unique and easily recognizable green colored suitcase with me on all my voyages.

Green had itchy feet, and often hopped on airplanes that I didn't, until he was retired with candlewax last Christmas.

This year, Santa was so good to me that I had to pull Green out of mothballs to serve as a secondary present carrier back to DC. After being closeted for a year, he must've been especially anxious to check out new destinations, as he's either corrupted or taken hostage my new primary blue suitcase and US Air has NO. IDEA. where either of these globetrotters is.


Barbara said...

Lost luggage has come to be expected recently. I try to carry everything on board these days, not trusting I will ever again see a checked bag. Good luck on getting green and blue back again!

wharman said...

I would love to carry-on everything, but then I couldn't bring my toothpaste and shampoo. The security rules make it tough.

I'm hoping they'll find these wanderers, but as a cautionary note, ALWAYS carry your house keys with you (until Homeland Security disallows you to). That was an unfortunate failing for me this time.

Phil said...

Maybe blue just didn't want to leave wherever you came from (Florida?).

wharman said...

Could be, although Blue is quite young and shouldn't be relocating to blue hair country to ease his joints just yet. I'm pretty sure that impish green has got him on a modern-day Huck Finn adventure.