Dec 25, 2006

Christmas Morn

Here in Stuart, nothing says Christmas like stoop sitting in a warm, tornado watch-y breeze, listening to the dog moan while he rubs his ears in the grass, and then picking the stoop splinters out of your pajamas.


Malnurtured Snay said...

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

how 'bout crazy little girls dancing themselves silly from a christmas 'high'! oh what fun. . . they're in bed!!

Barbara said...

Is home renovation over? Hope you're enjoying sunny Florida. It's gray and rainy here.

Rich said...

Hope you had a good holiday. Florida doesn't sound like a bad option to me. :)

wharman said...

Thank you Malnurtured Snay.

LS - Those cray little girls were fabulous!

Barbara - my part in the home renovation is over. Sunny Florida was awesome, but I'm now luggageless in DC.

Rich - Thanks! I hope you had a nice holiday as well. Florida is not a bad option! It was great.