Nov 2, 2006

A Very Beck-ful Story

(photo by slushpup)

Gina Beck is a DC hipster with lucky connections at the 9:30 Club, which allowed her to secure last-minute tickets to Monday night's Decemberists show, the same night Beck Hansen was to play a not-so-secret midnight set at the Black Cat backstage.

The 6 blocks between 9:30 and Black Cat were abuzz, so when Gina arrived at the 9:30 Will Call window for her Decemberists tix and said,
"I'm here to pick up 2 tickets for Beck,"
she was greeted with blank stares and eventual hilarious laughter from all witnesses.

With Beck playing these undercover gigs all around, this scenario could repeat itself. Thanks to Blogs t r e t c h, we can all know that there are 110,988 Americans whose last name is Beck.

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