Nov 4, 2006

Revenge of the Nerds

(photo by Matt Phillips)

Emory University, my alma mater, signed on to the remake of Revenge of the Nerds. It was to play the part of the location, but as temperamental Hollywood types are apt to do, got upset about the direction of the film and refused to be the set.

Considering it is featured throughout Tom Green's 2000 masterpiece Road Trip, I can only imagine the offending script contained disparaging remarks about Coca-Cola or Salman Rushdie.

via Cable and Tweed


Rich said...

Is that the theater entrance at the DUC?

wharman said...

Hi Rich - Yup! Harland Theater, the little place I where I first learned of the cultish activities of the Outdoor Emory Association. They would later trap me in a smelly van and leave me on Cumberland Island for 4 days with no food. They would force me to hike 15 miles/day and I would end up covered in ticks. TICKS!

Anyway, it's unfortunate the students won't be able to have the postmodern experience of viewing the Revenge of the Nerds remake on this screen.

Phil said...

They should be filming at Ga Tech if they're doing "revenge of the nerds".

wharman said...

Phil - Or! The plot could involve a war between the liberal artsy nerds and the engineering nerds. Emory kids could wax philosophical and use its Yerkes monkeys as an army. Tech kids could actually build dangerous weapons and hack into Emory's computers. They'd totally win.

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