Nov 26, 2006

Other White Houses

The 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue White House isn't alone.
Atlanta White House
On my way to visit my cousin's new home in Atlanta over Thanksgiving, we drove right by this scaled down version of the White House, sitting in her neighborhood. I had heard about the oddity for years, but happening upon it with my own eyes was a phenomenal experience. It was built by Iranian-American Fred Milani and his wife, Yvonne, because they wanted a home that said America.
The house is a replica of the presidential mansion on the outside only, although Fred works in an "oval office," seated at a replica of Abraham Lincoln's carved mahogany desk. And there's a carved seal of the United States mounted on the ceiling and another woven into the carpet.


Barbara said...

This is pushing the limits of patriotism! If I had enough money to copy someone else's mansion, I don't think I'd pick the White House...

Rich said...

I see that thing all the time. I still shake my head in disbelief sometimes when I see it.