Nov 17, 2006

Less Caloric Intake Now Possible

At lunchtime every day I would stroll across the street in Buckhead to Eatzi's. The friendly staff would make me the tastiest salads and sandwiches and premade meals I have ever had to this day. Their bread was out of this world, and just thinking of their unique spreads makes my mouth water right now. Unfortunately, there's no pavlovian treat at the end of this story.

Yesterday I received word from Cousin Mere that the Atlanta shop closed its doors. I replied immediately to express my sadness for her, but did a little dance for myself because I'd still be able to make the trek to their Rockville location to satiate my cravings. Until I read DCFUD's post that Maryland is now Eatzi's-less as well. What gives?

EatZi's Market & Bakery pulled the plug on its Houston location Thursday. EatZi's also closed two Atlanta locations and a Rockville, Md. unit this week. The Dallas-based company could not be reached for comment. EatZi's has one remaining location on Oak Lawn Avenue in Dallas.

In positive news, I'm sure the employees of all locations feel some relief in not having to listen to 8 hours of blaring Italian music. I'd suggest the Rockville ones and you attend Bluestate tonight at Saint Ex and call me in the morning.


Barbara said...

I remember when Bruegger's Bagels did the same thing. I am forever in search of a really good bagel or a really good slice of pizza. Maybe I should move to NY!

ac said...

No, not Eatzi's! I love that place.

I bet the Anthropologie is feeling lonely right now.

Rich said...

Never made it there before it closed down. Too late now. :(