Nov 5, 2006

An IOTA's Chance

The music of Washington, D.C. currently pleases me. These United States?

It is much fun to use The Google to try to find them because you will instead learn the capitals to the 50 states, find the EPA, and get treated to a Wikipedia entry on the music of the United States. Perhaps this conundrum is indicative of their untapped goodness.

If you want it enough, you can find their website and see about going to a show eventually. You will have an IOTA's chance to see them on November 25. If you aren't in DC, you'll have all kinds of state chances in the coming months. They are touring maniacs. Lead man Jesse Elliott might scare you with his stories of burning down the house on Iowa Avenue overlooking the Iowa River in Iowa City, Iowa, but don't run away.

The Business - mp3
Kings and Aces - mp3


Rich said...

Sounds good, and they're gonna be in ATL pretty soon. Any other bands affiliated with the Federal Reserve that should be given a closer look? Don't know anything about it, but it was mentioned in one of the reviews on their MySpace.

wharman said...

Yes! Look here: