Nov 20, 2006

How to do a good job?

At this time next Monday, I will be about 3 and a half hours into a new job. I couldn't be more excited about this opportunity because I think it's a great fit for me both skills-wise and personality-matching-wise. Still, in the days leading up to its start, I'm feeling some anticipatory anxiety that can't be resolved until I get in there and begin the work. There are mundane worries such as,
"Do I take the 42 bus and walk .5 miles or do I wait for the unreliable L2 and walk .3 miles?"
and there are some more big-picture wonderings such as,
"Will I be as good at this as I think? Will I be able to communicate effectively so that both my goals and the organizational goals are met?"
I've had a somewhat quirky career life in that I've worked in a variety of situations and subject matter with one common denominator: my jobs have all taken place in teeny tiny operations. No benefits, no set vacation time, no 401(k), no HR, no rules at all. This has afforded me some flexibility, but mostly has caused stress in wondering about whether and when to take a vacation, eat lunch, or leave the office at night.

Next Monday I'll be walking into a HUGE organization that sent me a welcome packet. A welcome packet! I'm in heaven or at least honestly quite excited to be walking into some bureaucracy.

In these ways, this feels like my first grown up job and I want it to go just right. I picked up a couple of books to help with the process, but I'm hoping my bloggedy friends will offer some advice for how to win friends and influence people in the office environment.


Meg said...

Good luck! I can recommend one book -- Getting Things Done by David Allen. It's full of advice about keeping your life organized, from the little things that pile up daily to the bigger goals.

Barbara said...

Good luck with your new job! Although I have had my own set of battles lately, I must say that a little bureaucracy isn't necessarily a bad thing. I hope you have benefits, such as vacation time, with this job! It's always nice to get paid not to work for a little while each year.

wharman said...

Thanks guys! I'm not too worried about vacations yet. In fact, I'm really excited to get to work. It's just nice to know that there are procedures in place for doing things like going home at night.

Meg - I'll be picking that one up, especially if it'll give me permission to buy one of those automatic label thingamajigs.

Liz said...

I'm a little behind! Where's the new job?