Nov 1, 2006

Geek Stuff is yummy. Tardy to the party, I've only recently started bookmarking the interesting (to me) internets. The best use I've found so far is in saving mp3s I find across the land - songs I may not want to download to my increasingly full computer, but that I'd like to hear more of before forgetting. There's a lot of music out there and any tool that helps me sift is welcome here.

You can see what I've found in the past couple of days here. Favorites include:

The Rosewood Thieves
Los Angeles, found via Confessions of a Music Addict

Riding Paper Airplanes
Homecoming Weekend in a Small Town via My Old Kentucky Blog

Jenny the Barfly via Cable and Tweed

The Postmarks

Goodbye via KissAtlanta

The Summer Hymns
Pity and Envy via an email press release
In the photo world, I recently took part in the free Moo card offer for Flickr users. I highly recommend their affordable service.
These are the photos of mine that worked the best in tiny card form:
Jellyfish Table on a Hill 1706 Hose Beach Umbrella hut


jeffro said...

i really like that jellyfish pic - good shot!

wharman said...

Thanks jeffro! The jellyfish made it easy at the Georgia Aquarium.

Rich said...

Three out of four links to Atlanta blogs. I like it! Hehe.

wharman said...

Hi Rich - Yes! I'm on a nostalgic Atlanta tear...