Nov 6, 2006

Gatorland Burning

FL - Man's reaction to the gators' recent human killing spree.
Gatorland in Florida is on fire.
At the park's entrance, the signature concrete and steel gator mouth built in 1963 is burned.
Reuters reports:
Up to 10 snakes and reptiles, including some crocodiles, may have died in the fire that engulfed the gift shop at the entrance to the 110-acre (44.5 hectare) park, but firefighters had not been able to get in to confirm that, Nuckles said.

It's a good thing The Crocodile Hunter will be *there* to greet these guys.


Dumbek said...

I went to Gatorland once when I was a kid. I was all excited for it until I realized I had to walk through the giant gator mouth to go inside. That's when the crying started.

wharman said...

Ha! I don't blame you.