Nov 3, 2006

Friday Night Mights

Local band Shortstack will be hailing the release of The History of Cut Nails in America tonight on the Black Cat mainstage for the bargain price of $10. They play that brand of country punk we can't get enough of here at HM.
Wiseblood - mp3
House on Fire - mp3

With Shortstack will be These United States, playing self-described garage folk and perennial favorites The Hard Tomorrows, with their indie rock

Over at the 9:30 Club, personal favorite Justin Jones will be opening for The Beautiful South, a band whose music I listened to lo those ten years ago.


100 years of trash said...

jeeeesus...the beautiful south is still around...and everyone's still talkin' at me

wharman said...

I was more with the "Don't Marry Her" era... Didn't go last night, but I did catch The Hard Tomorrows and These United States. Loved the latter, who I had never heard before. He said he's from DC but spent a lot of time on Iowa Avenue overlooking the Iowa River in Iowa City, Iowa. I think that was in college because he then said he threw a party and purposely burned the place down.