Nov 6, 2006

The Cassettes

(photo by edvvc)

Sunday morning I strolled outside to 18th Street, passing by Crooked Beat Records, that bastion of brick and mortar vinyl. Although the shop was hours from opening, the flyer in the window for Thursday's in-store with The Cassettes caught my eye with its promise for vaudeville-mystic country music.

The band name rang an unidentified bell in my head, so I looked them up to find its source. They're a musical explorers society and they've successfully traversed their way to an excellent mono podcast featuring their newest release, 'Neath the Pale Moon in the style of an old time radio show. I highly recommend subscribing to it (via iTunes) and to checking out the adventures of this group of instrument players.

Madder Lass - mp3
Musfaella - mp3

1 comment:

punkbrg said...

I grew up in DC so it’s always good to hear about a band, which comes straight from my heart. Not only this but they happen to have a deep affection for my homeland country of Bolivia, oddly enough, almost randomly because most people have never heard of this country, or think it somewhere in Europe (its in South America)! They just appreciate this country not because they are from there, they may not have even been there, but like their new album they attempt to be a little different, and they are definitely not afraid to toy with the unexplored. I think that if you have an appreciation for folksy, rock and special sounds you will definitely appreciate ‘Neath the pail moon