Nov 20, 2006


A musical outfit called Ghost Stories landed in my inbox this afternoon, hyping its forthcoming (Jan. 2007) debut record, Quixoticism. I've listened to the given tracks several times and they're enjoyable little numbers.
Ghost Stories is the musical brainchild of Ron Lewis, a bedroom recordist steeped in haunting lo-fi folk, found-sound ambience and epic psych-pop grandeur. Quixoticism unfolds like a passive-aggressive indie rock opera.
Ron Lewis has played various parts in the works of the Fruit Bats, the Joggers, Colin Meloy, and Dismemberment Plan.

Yeti Don't Dance pointed out the buzz earlier today. Below are a couple of different tracks than he posted.

Ghost Stories - The Motions - mp3
Ghost Stories - You Wear It Like A Stained Glass Window - mp3

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