Oct 7, 2006

Wanted Dead: Snakehead Fish

Do you know what to do if you catch a Snakehead fish (I dare you to click that link) and you're not in China?
Please KILL this fish
Looks like the Maryland Department of Natural Resources has made itself a Most Wanted list and authorized a citizen brigade of murderers.
Kill Snakehead Fish
If it is released in a pond or lake in this area, experts say, the snakehead is instantly at the top of the food chain: It can grow as large as 47 inches long and weigh 15 pounds. The fish can clean out a pond of native fish, officials said, and it also eats insects.
The wanted sign is prominently posted at Great Falls Park where I had the pleasure of taking a rain hike this morning.
Great Falls Great Falls Great Falls leaves Great Falls


Barbara said...

I'd be curious to know more about this fish in its native habitat. I can't imagine every pond in China (or wherever it's from) has been cleaned out. There must be some other species with an appetite for snakeheads that has stepped up to the plate...

widttf said...

Crocodiles eat snakefish. Looks like Maryland needs to attrach some of Florida's gators to the scene.

Dumbek said...

47 inches?! Holy crap!

wharman said...

WIDTTF - do you know how the snakehead fish fares in its natural habitat? Have croc killings been documented?

Phil said...

Sounds like a job for Bon.