Oct 5, 2006

Soon on more corners than Starbucks

Dunkin Donuts is coming this way.

I once lived in Brookline, Massachusetts, near Dunkin Donuts' Canton, MA headquarters. When the wind was blowing right I could smell my corner DD coffee over the Indian curry food from the restaurant next door. In fact, on most any street corner in Boston the creamy coffee delight wafts through the air. The one on my corner was kosher because of Brookline's strong Jewish population. I found this detail delightful, not because I don't love all things pig but because it seemed unique for a large chain outfit.

For the past four years I've lived over 3 traffic ridden miles from the nearest DD, and I've missed the routine of standing in long lines for a not-so-fresh breakfast bagel. Don't cry for me, though, because as I was strolling along 17th and P streets this morning I saw big "Grand Opening" signs in the chain's colorful pink and orange. It looks like the company is planning to franchise an additional 325 locations in the Baltimore/Washington region between now and 2010.


Hammer said...

Down with Starbucks! Viva la revolution!

wharman said...

Here Here.

Barbara said...

The ban on carbs must be over! There is absolutely nothing better than a hot glazed donut -- well, maybe a dozen of them!

Anonymous said...

You absolutely just made my morning! I grew up in Southern Maine, where the nearest Starbucks in Portland, Portsmouth, or Boston - moving to DC was a shock to the system - where are my eclairs? My Dunkacinos?

Beanner said...

I grew up in MA and miss D&D very much. Now if they only knew what a honey dip donut was down here. Or jimmys. Or a crueller! What's with calling them Sticks?

I can't wait until I don't have to order coffee at starbucks pumped full of chocolate just to be able to choke the burnt liquid down.

Phil said...

Dunkin Donuts' vanilla frosted is my all-time favorite doughnut.

If I were not married, I would weigh in the neighborhood of 500 lbs.