Oct 19, 2006

Shout Out

Did you know the kids today use the word geekin to mean a tattletale? In mentoring middle schoolers last week we did a lesson on standard language versus vernacular. My student made up a quiz for me that included the phraseWhat it do?. That one's a favorite. Rolls right off my tongue, although I'm sure I haven't quite got the definition yet.

At the end of mentoring each week, we all get together in the cafeteria and give each other Shout Outs. Although it's not a Tuesday evening, I'd like to do just that now:

A pioneer blogger appears to be back. BluishOrange isn't as colorful as she used to be, but her writing is still and always right vibrant. She took a number of months away from the computer while her comments ran rampant. Luckily, the real Alison stood up:
"i'm throwing rocks," i whispered to myself. "they're making a good sound."

Also making a return after the sudden loss of his father, The Gurgling Cod is back with a moving tribute to his dad:
He was an inveterate recipe-follower and sometimes prone to exclamations of “Rubbish!” or “Foolishness!” if derailed. When my father, rather than my mother, would make fondue, being in the kitchen with him felt a little bit like being in the desert with Oppenheimer at Los Alamos.

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